I'm Not Okay (I Podcast)

A Very Moshy Sandwich

Episode Summary

This week Stormy is joined by Brent Smith, Host of the podcast "Idiot Sandwich" and Bassist of Little By Little! Follow us on this journey while we figure out what "Yacht Rock" is, let you in on some Spinelli's fun facts and find out what happens when you get kicked a little too hard in the stomach and tazed.

Episode Notes

Hey guys! Thanks for joining us for another episode of I'm Not Okay (I Podcast)! Due to scheduling, Elena wasn't able to record an episode this week, so we brought in guest host Brent Smith for an extra special treat to talk about the music world as he knows it, and some other fun stories as well as giving you a few places to look for new music!
We had a little bit of a recording issue toward the end of the session that we didn't catch until much later, so the last 20 minutes or so are a little on the quiet side. My apologies, but we will be back to our regular quality next week!

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