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Episode Summary

Elena and Stormy highlight listener music submissions in their first (well, second if you include the lost audio) ever radio episode.

Episode Notes

Parallel Lights

Facebook: Parallel Lights
Instagram: @parallellights4
Twitter: @parallellights4
Spotify: Parallel Lights
Youtube: Parallel Lights


Instagram: @DoubleAUK
Spotify: DoubleA

Wasting Time

Website: Wastingtimemusic.com
Facebook: Wasting Time
Instagram: @Wastingtimemusic
Twitter: @Wastingtimeto
Spotify: Wasting Time

Stray the Course

Instagram: @stray_the_course
Spotify: Stray the Course

Wishful Thinking

Instagram: @Wishfulthinking_au
Twitter: @Wishfulthinking.au
Spotify: Wishful Thinking

A Sunday Fire

Facebook: A Sunday Fire
Instagram: @ASundayFire
Twitter: @ASundayFire
Spotify: A Sunday Fire

Jamie Stoffa

Instagram: @jamie_stoffa
Spotify: Jamie Stoffa


Instagram: @thebandtonguencheek
Spotify: Tonguencheek

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